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AA SmartFuel

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For the uninitiated, AA Smartfuel provides fuel discounts by shopping at selected Retail Stores such as PC Patch.  These fuel discounts accumulate until your next fuel purchase at any Caltex or BP Service Station.  The discounts apply to up to 50 litres of fuel in that purchase.  If you are an AA member, you already have this ability.  It may just need activating/registering to start accumulating your discounts.  If you are not an AA member, fear not, as you can have a SmartFuel Discount Card anyway.  You can get a card and application form from us at PC Patch and start saving on your fuel purchases.  I suggest going to AASmartFuel website for more details , Terms & Conditions etc

At PC Patch your savings look like

  • $50 to $99      -   Receive 2c per litre discount
  • $100 to $199  -   Receive 5c per litre discount
  • $200 to $299  -   Receive 10c per litre discount
  • $300 to $399  -   Receive 15c per litre discount
  • $400 to $499  -   Receive 20c per litre discount
  • $500 plus       -   Receive 25c per litre discount

If you are spending more than $1000 ie buying a Laptop or PC then we are happy to discuss a special "Discount Deal" for your purchase