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Computer Repairs

Computer & Laptop Repairs

When making repairs to a PC or a Laptop, we try to take a pragmatic approach to how much the repair should cost.  This is why we have a minimum charge.

For the cost of the Minimum Charge we can evaluate what the problem may be and from there provide an estimate of the cost of the repair.  You, the customer can then decide to go ahead with the repair or to stop at that point.  It may be more sensible to spend the money on a new computer rather than patching up and old, slower one.

We stand behind our service and believe it is second to none.  If you have problems after we have repaired your computer, we will put it right.

Generally we will encourage you to bring the comptuer into the shop as it is the most cost effective for you the client.  Generally, we work on more than 1 computer at a time.  While one computer is scanning for viruses or installing updates, we will work on another computer.

Should it not be possible or convenient to bring the computer in to the shop, we do come to your Home or Business and do repairs.

Which method you choose is really up to you.