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Desktops Computers Are Dead !!
Long Live the Desktop Computer !!

What on earth does that mean?  There is a lot of noise about, saying the desktop no longer has a place in the world.  Until laptops can be as upgradable as a Desktop computer, there will be dekstops around. 

Desktop computers very much have their place, just like laptops and Tablets.

Because there is still very much a place for desktops, we at PC Patch still build and sell Desktop PCs.  Because we custom build each computer, flexibility is the name of the game. 

  • You want more RAM, we got it. 
  • You want to add an SSD drive?  You got it.
  • Want a bigger Hard Drive or 3 drives in stead of one?  You got it. 
  • Want a Kick-Ass Graphics card?  You got it

***  We can still offer Windows 7 on these computers too  ***

EVEN BETTER, we can transfer the files from your old computer to the new one (assuming your old computer's Hard Drive is OK), set up your emails etc.  So you get the new computer home and it is pretty much all done and ready to go.  No pain, no strggle, just nice and easy trnsition to the new computer.

    We offer a range of Computers from a basic entry level computer to a High End Gaming computer.  We do this by having some standard Specs to make it easier for the Lay Person.  But if you know what you want in the hardware line, and it is different to our standard specs, don't despair as we can generally get most components and so we can still build your Dream Machine.

    PC Patch computers are registered with EECA and are compliant with the regulations for Energy Efficiency


    Because we build our own computers, we are able to offer a much better warranty than you get from most other Manufacturers & Retailers.  The base Warranty is 1 Year Return to Base, which covers all components in the Computer.  However, there are several components in a computer that have a longer warranty from the Original Maunfacturer which we do our best to have honoured. eg CPU - 3 years, motherbord - 3 years (typicallyy), Hard Drives - 2 years, Monitiors- 3 Years etc.  Where this comes in to play, you MAY pay for a bit of labour but you won't have to pay out for another motherboard.  Our aim is to maximise the value to you

    In our standard Specs we offer 3 different computers

    These System Specs are for a complete system in the base specs WITHOUT A MONITOR.  So it is ideal when upgrading an existing computer where the  screen is fine and doesn't need to be replaced.

    Tiger Cub System       from $900 inc GST   
    Spec Sheet

    This is an entry level system that is cost effective but is somewhat limited in upgradability.  Good for doing basic internet browsing

    Tiger System       from $1100 inc GST   
    Spec Sheet

    This is our most popular model as it is mid-range but very upgradable in a mid-size case.  If you want a smaller computer in size but still paccks a punch, this is the wee beastie for you.

    Tiger Power System    from $1600 inc GST   
    Spec Sheet

    If it is Bragging Rights you want, then this is the one for you.  It features a full size tower case with a full ATX motherboard for more upgrade options.  The case is a bit sexier than the other systems, but don'rt feel restricted by our choice of case.  Remember we can tweak things to suit your needs, so dream your perfect system, tell us what you want and we will build it