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Network Setup

Wired/Wireless Network Setup

PC Patch can come to your Home or Business and set up your Local Network. Your Local Network may all Hard-Wired or Wireless or a combination of both.

This will enable you to share your Broadband Internet with others all at the same time.  Once set up you will also be able to share printers on the network as well as share data over the network.

Sharing a printer may be as simple as using an existing printer connected to a PC to setting up a printer as a "network" printer which connectes directly to the network without any PC connection.

Data sharing is intended to enable you to have a centralised place for storing data that everyone on the network uses.  Generally in an office environment, but you may want to make a central music storage available to all the computers at home.  By sharing data this way, you will avoid problems of who has the most up to date version of a document etc.