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In This Issue

·    We have moved to a New Shop

·    Gateway Laptops

·    Windows 7 is coming

·    Call Out/On-site servicing

·    Virus issues

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We have moved to a New Shop

New PCPatch ShopYes, we have moved.  If you thought we have closed down, do not despair.  We moved straight across the road to 212 Jackson St which is located in the new Atrio Apartment building.

Growth in the business meant more staff and therefore more space.  It was felt the shop needed a major decor overhaul as well.  So we moved to a completely new shop.  The outcome is a much nicer, brighter, more inviting shop for customers to enter.

PCPatch Internet Cafe

A dedicated Internet cafe area has been set up making it more visible from the footpath

PCPatch workshop

We now have a purpose built workshop area with plenty of room for our skilled technicians to do their work.

PCPatch new Shop
All in all, a much nicer place to work and for you, the customer to come and see us.

So please, come on in and see what the shop looks like now.

Gateway laptops

Here at PCPatch we are pleased to announce we have been appointed as Gateway Partners.  This enables us to make available the complete range of Gateway laptops, from the smaller LT20 netbook through to the grunty P79.  Below is a snippet of the range.

1.jpgLT20 Netbook   RRP $899      Enquire

-10.1” monitor         -Atom N270 1.6GHz CPU
-1GB DDR2 RAM       -160GB HDD
-XP Home

3.jpgNV54 Laptop   RRP $1499      Enquire

-15.6” LCD              -Dual Core T4300 2.1GHz
-2GB DDR2 RAM       -250GB HDD
-Vista Home Premium (with Windows 7 Upgrade)

4.jpgNV58 Laptop   RRP $1999       Enquire

-15.6” LCD               -Core2Duo P7450 2.13GHz
-4GB DDR2 RAM       -500GB HDD
-NVidia G105M 512MB Graphics
-Vista Home Premium (with Windows 7 Upgrade)

7.jpgP79 Laptop      RRP $1999       Enquire
-17” LCD                 -Core2Quad Q9000 2GHz
-4GB DDR3 RAM       -1TB HDD (2 x 500GB HDD)
-NVidia GTX 260M 1GB Graphics
-Vista Home Premium (with Windows 7 Upgrade)


Windows 7 is coming

The new version of Windows, Windows 7, is due for release on 22nd October.  If you buy a new computer now with Vista Home Premium, Business or Ultimate you will qualify for an upgrade to Windows 7.

Windows 7 is a major update of Vista fixing a lot of issues that plagued Vista, such as speed, RAM requirements etc.  How much better we wait with bated breath but we are quietly optimistic Windows 7 will be the answer people have been waiting for.

If you have an existing computer and are wondering whether you will be able to install Windows 7 on it, there is a free download program called Windows 7  upgrade Adviser.  You can download it from here.

Call Out/On-Site service

We do have an on-site /call-out service available, where we come to your home or Business/Office to make the repairs as required.  We do find that it can be more cost effective for you to bring the computer into the shop to be serviced.  Because of the way our Workshop is laid out, we can work on more than 1 computer at a time, meaning we do not have any dead time while waiting e.g. for a virus scan to run.

If you would like someone to call to see you either ring the shop on 568 6885 or email here.

Virus Issues

Are you having problems with viruses, pop-up ads etc?  Has your Anti-virus expired?


Contact us either at the shop on 5686885 or here and explain what your problem is.  We may be able to help sort the problem out via email or you may have to bring the computer in.  We have a fixed price of $175 for a Virus Cleanup, which is the maximum we will charge to clean up your computer.  If we can fix it for less we will.


We recommend Eset Smart Security or NOD32 Anitvirus as the best form of protection for your computer.  We use it ourselves and find it very proactive.  If you haven’t already got it and would like to try it, contact us here about a trial or to buy.