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Online Backup

PC Patch Online Backup Service

After what has happened in Christchurch, there is nothing like peace of mind knowing that your precious data has been stored in a secure location which is unaffected by whatever disaster has occurred.

We offer an Online Backup Service that will be Specially Tailored to your requirements.

The Online Backup when installed is configured to run at whatever time you decide is practical (usually evening).  These backups are encrypted, then stored on servers located in other places around the country/world in a secure/encoded form that only you have the key for.  What is backed up is also configured at set up time and may be changed as required.

The initial backup is generally a large one, with subsequent backups only uploading those files that have been altered since the last backup.


Business Backup Client for 32bit Computers

Business Backup Client for 64bit Computers

The investment for peace of mind

Per Computer  -  First 10GB $15.00
  -  Additional storage - per 5GB $7.50