solving your home and business computer problems


PC Patch Servicing Pricing
(prices INCLUDE GST)

Assessment Fee - Covers initial investigations etc
   (We reserve the Right to Charge this in advance)

Urgent Repair Surcharge

  - means next on the bench In-Store or
     same day On-Site

  (you decide whether it is urgent or not)


Virus Cleanup (Maximum Charge)

  - Excludes antivirus Software


Windows Reload

  (XP, Vista, Win7 etc, includes Drivers
    and Updates)

Data Backup $100.00
Hourly Rate $105.00
  - Minimum Charge $60.00
On-Site Servicing  
  - Hourly Rate $105.00
  - Callout Fee
    (Covers travel etc Greater Wellington Area)
  -  Minimum Hourly Charge $60.00

RAM Installation

  (Includes RAM test etc)